What an Awesome Weekend!

It was a great weekend. Wait a minute, it was an awesome weekend. Here is why:

Friday night I went to go shopping for my nephew birthday and scored a present for my niece. How cool is that? Then I went to get my hairs cut and I actually like it.

Saturday was fun. Had a birthday party for my nephew who turn 8 on the day before. It was fun watching him play with his buddies. My mom and I made 130 or so  egg rolls. We did it in record time. Total time was about 3 hours but just making it with her was fun.

Sunday was a great day. I went to church. Caught some friends there that I didn’t see for a week or so. 🙂 Then rush off to the band I play in. We had a concert at 2pm and we needed to be in our seats ready to warm up at one. Coming from Maple Grove and traveling to Columbia Heights, I was nervous in making it on time. Usually it takes me 25 minutes or so to drive that route and I needed to grab lunch too. I made it. Another thing I thought that we were going to be getting out at 3:30 which mean that I wouldn’t leave till almost 4pm and I had not much time to get to Corcoran. Usually that takes 25 to 30 minutes depending on traffic. We got out earlier than I thought. I stop at Cub Foods in Fridley, pick up some goodies for life group annual Ornament Exchange.

I love going to my life group. It is something I look forward to 2 x a month. I know I can hear you asking “What is life group?”. Well, the short is like a small group bible study. We usually discuss the sermon series and have prayer time. Sometimes we actually do service projects and majority of the time we do life together. We become friends.

Now that is Monday morning, I need to get ready for the day. Have a wonderful day!


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