Winter days

A fellow blogger had a few questions that made me ponder about them. As I ponder them I began to really think about those questions. Happy thoughts, giggling thoughts, hot coco, blankets, and fires all came to my mind.

His question was: “How do you prefer to fill your winter days?” Oh this is a good question and of course I don’t have to work that is a bonus. I love to spend it in a variety of ways. I guess you can say I never like doing the same thing back to back is a good way to start answering the question.

There is 3 different ways I love to spend my winter day. Day 1 is that I love to spend time in worship with my heavenly father. Listening to praise music. Sing and dance to it. Spending time in the word and then praying. I may dabble in some reading a good book or finding some kid books and picking out for the week. I may not get out of my pajamas at all and just relax. I may be enjoying my time alone.

Day 2 choice could be getting out of the house after my time with the heavenly father. Sit at a coffee shop working on different projects. Sipping on some coffee and enjoying the companions of other coffee shop guest. Then maybe get out and go for a walk at my favorite park. Then head back in to work on my blankets.

Day 3 choice could be a combination of one and two and adding family time. I guess it also depends if it is during the week or on the weekend to or if I have multiple days off together. Which can alter what I do. I love to also try to get some volunteer in with other organizations I don’t get to do when the nice weather comes around.

As you can see it wouldn’t be the same unless we have a lot of snow in Minnesota and I can’t get out to enjoy the nice new snow. Now, I ask you the same question: How do you prefer to fill your winter days?


3 thoughts on “Winter days”

  1. I love what you’ve shared. I think I like to work in comfort especially when it’s cold or raining. Ideally the house should be warm an cozy with music playing in the background.

    At the same time once all chores are done, writing my book, or planning my topics for radio or reading up on forthcoming guests while drinking coffee is good.
    Otherwise reading a book, either fiction or a biography is good.
    After which it will most likely be time to get the dinner started.

      1. I’m currently writing on relationships and preparing for love. As a life coach I encounter many women who come to me for help in this area. So I’m using my professional experience, training, and lessons learned during 30 yrs of marriage to assist me.

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