Saturday Adventures

My daily adventures at times not as thrilling or rewarding.They don’t take me on grand excursions outside of my little community. But I think at times I don’t expect grand to happen in my little community where I travel and I need to open my eyes up.

Today is a little different journey. It is a journey in itself. Am I the salt and light to the world. Am I looking forward in blessing others around me. Then it came upon me that I need to write my adventure down today. I needed to see my adventure as a writer and realize that there is many oppurtunities to be thankful and be a blessing around me. But that is hard when I wanted to publish it as it unfolded. Lucky at one of my stops I could pick a journal up and start the process that way.

Here goes my day:

I am documenting to adventure in going on my errands today. I love blessing others around me. Sometimes we have to be prepared and other times it just happens. I ran into a former co-worker of mine at the post office. I have been trying to get back into writing letters to people all around the USA. But it was a nice surprise to be able to catch up with each other lives.

After the trip to the post office I went up to Barnes and Noble to look for Christmas present ideas. When I am in the bookstore it is like I am kid in a candy shop. I can never spend just 20 minutes in there. And I have to make a conscious decision to only spend $20 dollars because I could see it being a hundred dollar store for me. Lucky today I had a coupon with me and I really looked hard for the items I wanted. I also have a membership card which also saves some money to. (I saved close to $3.00) I am doing family gift this year which includes artsy type of thing and a family gift. Nothing had hit me but buying a couple of journals. One journal is for a co worker of mine and I know. I know that she will like that and had an idea of when I got home to write an encouraging note to her as she had a difficult week last week.

Once I had made my purchase, I had set my purchase down and went to order a peppermint hot coco. It was good. Too good and actually I had gotten upset tummy from it. Rich milk and chocolate. I should of listen to my body and not had it. Oh well. As I was writing this blog long handed, I notice that there was a young gentleman at the counter ordering his cup of coffee. Then I realized his pants was past his butt. I don’t get this on guys. Why do you were pants and a belt when your pants are falling off your body? I get turn off from that. I am sure a lot of women do.

I also notice it was pretty quiet in the cafe. They had 3 cashiers up at the main check out today. I hardly see two at all. There was even a line at one point. Maybe more people are turning to books or nooks for there Christmas shopping?

This was my trip out and about today. Blessing others through conversations and letters. To praying for young men to dress appropriate. Have a wonderful Saturday evening.

~Courtney Elizabeth~


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