Oh My Word

Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention. May I direct your view to the windows. Gaze out the window for a couple minutes. Do you see snow? Do you live in Buffalo NY by chance? If so, you have more snow than Minnesota and in Colorado. How does happen? And before Thanks Giving? I don’t like seeing my Thanksgiving Parade where people are shaking like a leaf lined up the street to see other people bundle up.

On Monday and Tuesday we had indoor recess because of the sub zero temps we were having. I was glad to get out and enjoy the weather. I am sure all the teachers were happy also. Kids need to get out and have fun.

I really want to have a lot of snow. Ever since I started working as a recess monitor I wanted enough snow to build a snow fort/castle, a village of snow people, sledding, and other fun winter games. Enough to keep them busy.

I like winter just not the cold and ice. What about you? What do you like about the winter? Do you live in a place where the seasons are really noticeable? Would you choose to live some where else to gain the experience?

I would love to live for a bit in another climate zone. But not for long thou. I think that I would miss the change of the seasons to much.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Courtney Elizabeth


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