Monday Night Adventure

Have I ever told you I like a little ADVENTURE in my life? Have I ever told you that I love serving others and see them meeting their goals in life? Have I ever told you that I love meeting new people?

Monday before elections for me means that I shut off the TV. Stay away from computer and all electronic devices that I can read materials or watch any thing. I know who I am going to vote for and the campaigns just get nasty before the big day.

My adventure begins  by me accepting  a text message from a guy from my Toastmasters club. He is running for office in a different district. I have watch him grow in public speaking. I have seen his confidence and connection to the communities he is running in. It is hard not to say yes and help him out. All I knew was that he needed help with balloons. Great, I can tie pretty good, cut string and make things pretty neat. But that is not exactly what I did last night.

One of his campaign people and I got together after all the balloons where blown up, tied to strings and bundle up. We drove around the district and tied balloons to his signs. It was fun driving in the dark. Finding these signs which I never even placed and do this. I know strange right? But seriously you do something like and you bound to have some laughter. We got to know each other pretty well.

We started out got a little lost. Finally I used an app on my phone and the map we got from the man who we were helping out. Drove around New Brighton, MN and did this adventure. One balloon wanted to escape and float away. The drill was dull and not charged. Used a Swiss Army knife for the last few signs we needed to tie the balloons to. Stopped at McDonald’s for a quick drink and on the road again.

I can hear some of you say how is this fun? Getting in involved with anything you are passionate can be fun. You are more likely to be more relaxed and just be you. And more relate-able. That is reason 365 why I love doing what I do.

Good luck to all the candidates on this election day.


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