Getting Back Into Routine

Getting into a routine is never an easy thing to do. Falling out of routine is so much easier to do. As I stated in my last post it has been a quite a few days since I posted here. And well, I am back to talk about my adventure today.

Ah, I thought for a brief moment yesterday I would get to sleep in. Then work on an interesting post here. Continue to work on the pictures from Toastmaster weekend.Then head off to school. Oh wait….that can’t happen. Face palm as I was at church last night. Now I wish that I would of stayed in my area and went to bed early. This morning was rough. I was late getting to the nanny job. Well it is finally after 10am and I am just starting to work on this blog.

I will finish this blog. Go thru the first run of the pictures for Toastmasters. Pull a few pictures from that to talk about for tonight Toastmasters. I do need to pick up Invite cards today for the roast too. This is not including some activities that I am planning for the kids too. It is a busy day. And I am thankful that I am not home. Because I know that I am tempted to say that I would sleep the morning away.

I better head on out and prep some reading materials, work on the photos and get lunch thought out for the kids. Enjoy your Monday everyone!!!


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