Look at all those leaves!

Look at all those leaves Auntie! He runs inside and hides in the house. I head to the garage and find the rake. I rake up all the leaves and call in to him. Hoping he will come jumping in the leaves with me.

Day 2 of MEA (Minnesota Education Association). We dropped the oldest off at the recreation department for a field trip to a water park. I already miss him and I want him back. (I know. But I love having my little men around me.) The little guy snuck in so fast I had to go look for him. Found him with his tablet. Oh, I will get him out.

Today we will have fun together until 4pm. That is when we get his brother and I bet they will have lots to catch up with. Little man and I will be reading, doing some math, writing and get some fresh air. I hope to wear him out today. We will see on that. They say today will be day 2 of lovely weather. I can’t wait because if they are right, I will be wearing a grin all day long.

Until later, I will let you know more of my adventures in life. See you later.



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