Kids, Over nights, shopping, cold weather

I have the pleasure hanging since Saturday with my nephews. One of the great quotes from the 10 year old was “Now auntie, You need to keep the house clean.” Lol. I had to laugh. I will buddy. I will. Just this morning the 7 year old corrects my eating habits. “Auntie, you don’t eat eggs and use your phone at the same time.” Then he moves the phone away from me. Geesh!! If they were not so adorable, smart and funny guys I would have issues at 6:30am on a Monday morning.

I had to bring the boys on my 5 items to Target shopping. Normally its not that hard to stay in 5 item. But two boys who love picking things up… and well, there goes my super auntie strength powers in resisting. Lucky some of those items i could pick up at the second and third stops in less that 24 hours. 🙂 How do you moms do it?

The cold weather is finally here. I mean I knew it was coming. I was hoping after Halloween. 36 degrees in the morning with highs in the 50 to 70. Yes, I love cool weather but heading in the warmer weather. I don’t like layering to much. Sigh. I live in a state that likes in recent years to be cooler than normally I would think so. One good thing is the kids are not wanting to take their coats off during recesses.

This is what happening in my life the last few days. One more night of the handsome young men. Then it is back to my own bed. 🙂

Have a great day.



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