Photo Challenge

Its the 4th day of the month. Last time I was in this spot I had my share of photos already posted to Facebook. Big difference is an event that I went to called the State Fair. Now I have been going out on a regular basis. I could of shoot myself as I forgot to take 3 important photo’s last night. I wont always a big event planned so I need to be more diligent in creating some time to take photos.

Here is what I stated on Facebook that I am suppose to do: “Oh the joy of season changing. I’m sure thankful how life mimics nature. 1 photo of me solo. Head shot or whatever I can capture of me in a picture. Have fun creating photogenic stuff. Lastly daily fun things that make me laugh and nature pictures are a must. As always, 5 photos minimum per day. (155 pictures)” Can I do it?

Last night I went out to support a friend of mine band. I could of gotten a picture with her. Also one with her brother and one with “just Harvey”. That is 3 there and one for added bonus of the pool game that I beat a friend of mine at. Theoretically I could of done it. But I did I? Nope.

Today is a new day. I have 9 photos up and I have 11 photos to catch up. I can’t wait. But I don’t have much time to take them cause I am hanging out with my men this weekend. Hmmm. Challenge? Yes…. Challenge Accepted. See you all later as I work on my photo taking skills.



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