ops! squeek ~ Yikes ~ I don’t….

It’s okay. Keep going. You are doing good. This is what it is suppose to sound like. Keep practicing. These were my encouraging words to a young 5th grader playing the clairnet. We come together 1 to 2 times a week practicing his music. No music prior to this and man this brings back memories.

Then today on Facebook I was reminded by a friend who is trying to read music. Oh man, I wish I had the ear and nack of just being able to pick up and play anything. Specially in Jazz music where I am not the greatest at the moment. I had encourage her to. That once we master that thing, there will be something else in life where we can master something. And that something will take us on a course of getting better.

Whether it is on an instrument, public speaking, or anything your heart wants to do. Practice makes perfect and make a lot of mistakes at the beginning.

Have a great day!


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