I use to love to drive in rural Minnesota. From one town to the next. There was and still beauty to see. I learn direction by barns, silos, farms, and business that were there for ever. I move up to the cities with my family and that changed. I was fearful of driving anywhere. I always got lost and hated finding a new mechanic. But that changed too.

 If I ever want to stretch my wings I had to learn to read maps. Drive slower when I am unfamiliar places. Lock my car doors at all times when I don’t feel right. The other day, I stretch myself. I had to take  my little men down by the University of Minnesota. I don’t like one ways and I always end taking the scenic routes. But now it is an adventure that I grasp. No longer I am in a panic and freaking out. Unless something going on with the car. And something did as I dropped off my little men. Breath and get home.

 I got home last night and slept on what I was going to do with my car. I got up this morning and realize something. This happen before and what did I do. I checked the gas cap. It was loose. So, I tighten it and finish cleaning the car. Drove a bit on it. I decided that I would go and get my car detailed. The light was still on. But I thought, well it is not blinking yet. I went in to pay for my car wash. I used my coupon and to my surprise I only had to pay 4 bucks on a normal 17 dollar wash. (BONUS) I drove to my family mechanic. No one notice me standing around for a couple minutes. So I left. Went to Auto Zone. Had them check and sure enough my thinking was right. Yahoo. No repairs. Save me money. (DOUBLE BONUS).

 I am proud that I can really think through and have people in my past point things out. Teach me enough car basic to know what to do. 🙂

Have a great day and learn something new.



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