Photography goal: 30 day of Selfie

I recently challenge myself to take a selfie each day this month. At first I thought I could not remember to do it. Or that people would laugh and just be turn off by it. Other thoughts have crept into my mind like, what if I catch wearing the same clothing more on the same days?

I have to laugh. Seriously, why is the doubt coming into play. I want to portray that I am happy person. That I have to remind myself when I look at my daily picture that I am beautiful and that I am loved. Even if I don’t get any likes on that photo. I tell myself in my bedroom or when I am home alone that I am accept by family and my heavenly father that I am okay. I need to start putting that positive, loving woman, child of God out there.

I am enjoying this season of life that I am in. And I can’t let the nay sayer or negative talk get me down. Even if the negative talk comes from the biggest critic. And that is from ME! With that, I am going to finish out strong. 12 more days and 12 more days of being creative in where I take the photos too. Having fun, loving myself more and loving life that I have been given.

Have a great evening/day everyone. Be Good now!



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