3 days absence.

3 day absence and I really feel guilty. I was going to write after I got home on Tuesday. But I was so excited yet I was so tired. No caffeine for me. Wednesday came and it was really early. I was exhausted from a long day but went straight to Kindle at church. That was amazing. Today is Thursday. I am going to throw back couple days here and let you in what has been happening in my life.

Monday night I had mention that it was Toastmasters for me. I was so nervous for my competition that was in 24 hours that I kept calling people the wrong names. Very nervous and I hardly do that in the first place. Tuesday came and this was the day to not to be nervous at all. I didn’t get lost, didn’t get sick, and I didn’t chat up the storm with everyone I met. Very good start. I was nervous but I think my 3 were in check and got out the goofy stuff the night before. I competed in the Table Topic portion of competition and I was up first. I did an okay I thought. I addressed the people that need. Could improve on saying dignitaries but worked thru it. The question I got was very fun to answer and got some smiles and giggles out of it. After I finished the evening I returned the control over back to the Table Topic Master and sat down. Now I was only the few that handed the control back to the Table Topic Master or Toastmaster all evening. I had to wait till the end of the evening to see if I won or not. I had sit and wait thru the evening to hear the results if I won.

It was a good feeling that I won. Even if it was out of 2 competitors. I am still proud of myself and feeling blessed to know that I worked hard for the last 3 years. I am proud that I over came so many things. I can’t wait to keep working on my speaking abilities.

Wonderful Wednesday. I got to start early on my volunteer shift at school. I worked as an aide to the picture day and help organize things. Felt disorganized and I wish that they had gotten things more organized then they did that day. I felt backed logged and I really wanted the teachers get in and out fast enough and get to their classes in time.

The rest of my Wednesday went smoothly and I could breath easily. When I got done at school and picked up my handsome men. We hung out and then I said good bye for the evening. I love my guys and the hugs I get from them each day.

I headed off to church and felt a total shift in my spirit. I am still praying thru it and asking question since last night. I will update you all if you like in a later post. I just don’t have the right words yet to share with you all what I am learning and growing right now. We just have to feel it out.

Today was a day of quietness at work. I got lots done with volunteering but even more to go. So I need to get there early to get it done. I have about 100 kids that equals 100 folders to work on and get it done. I would love to get it done by tomorrow afternoon. Plus clean my car before the weekend hit.

Wow, long post here. But I think you all are caught up on my daily adventures. Have a great evening and Fabulous Friday.




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