Amazing weekend.

The weather is perfect! I had a wonderful time on Friday night with Bethany and Victor. Two friends of mine. Bethany and I met at college and we have been friends ever since (Almost 15 years in the making). Bethany and Victor have been married 11 months now. Happy 11th Month Anniversary guys.

Saturday morning I walked with Miracle Babies with my friend Nani. That was a lot of fun. I shaved 15 minutes of my 5k walk. It was so beautiful and so relaxing. Thank you Nani for inviting me. After the walk… I had a color change on my head. Then came home to clean.

After cleaning a little bit. I went out to see how Tim was doing on the campaign trail. That was fun to catch up with him. Then got some stuff printed off Toastmasters on Tuesday. My check service light came on. Ugh I was nervous. So I decided to get the oil change done with and then head over to my brother and sister in law. I hung out with my nephews.

Sunday morning is one of my favorite. I had some good quality time in talking with the Lord. I really didn’t pay to much to the service. I knew he was around and we needed to chat about a couple of things. I love when I can do this. (Sorry Pastor Ken)

I had a wonderful lunch and a long nap. Now up for a bit… little cleaning and making dinner. Then off to kindle tonight. I hope that you had a great weekend.



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