Making a Difference one Day at a Time

Some times making a difference can be tough. Being nice and bring a smile to some one unexpectedly. My friend it doesn’t have to be. Say “What“? I can your response: “That can’t be true at all”.

Let me give you some suggestions. I want you to try them for 7 days and report back to me here. Let me know how it went. I am serious about this and I think you will find that you will be glowing from the inside out on this short challenge.

  1. Open doors for the elderly.
  2. Call your grandparents if they are still alive.
  3. Write to high school or college buddy that you haven’t had a phone call or seen them in the past month.
  4. When grocery shopping pick up a few items extra and deliver it to a local food shelf.
  5. Get to know your neighbor where you live. Start a conversation.
  6. Wave to cars passing by.
  7. Say hi to someone when you are out and about. You might just catch them off guard.
  8. Cook an extra meal for a new mom.
  9. Pick up a book at the book store and give it to a friend.
  10. At work, if possible grab an extra drink for a co worker.
  11. Write an encouraging note to a co worker and sneak it on their desk.
  12. Call a friend out of the blue.
  13. Take your sibling children for a couple of hours so they can go out on a date.
  14. Take a pastor out to lunch.
  15. Take your parents out for dinner.
  16. Walk a friend Dog or neighbor
  17. Rake a yard in your neighborhood.
  18. Invite a friend out for drinks and karaoke night.
  19. Pay for your friend coffee.
  20. In the drive thru pay for the meal behind you.

I could be here for another 10 minutes thinking of more ways to make people smile. I know that you also have some good ideas. Go and make someone Smile.

Have Awesome day.




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