You know what?

I am excited for this evening. Where during story time we actually get to read from one of my favorite kids books. I love the Magic Tree House and now I can’t wait to pick up more of the books so we can travel all over the world and time. All the thanks to a co worker for reminding me that there is 51 books in the series. How can I forget about that? I saw her purchase it. The kids I watch have been liking this book series for a while now. In the near future I will be picking up some more books.

I am excited for tomorrow. My first day back to church in a couple weeks and I don’t have to run out to go to anything. I get to sit and just enjoy church and the presence of his Holy spirit.

I am excited for the rain to come. We sure could some and I haven’t been home long enough to water my lawn that it looks a little brown. The flowers could use another healthy dose of drink too!

I am excited for some of my pen pals to receive the letters I wrote to them. I love writing personal letters to people to cheer the up. And of course I am excited to receive a response back.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening.





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