Today Devotions

I was spending some quiet time today while watching the kids. I was listening to them play in the tent blanket they made in the other room. I started to do my journal and devotions. I came across Psalms 51:1-10. WHAM It hit me right across the forehead. Yep it left a mark on me. šŸ™‚

I love that when you dig in and get to know what the passage means for you. I read it twice and even wrote the verses down in my journal. I know I will pick it apart over the next few days. That WHAM was hard. And there is so many different nuggets that are so valuable that I want to study it a bit more.

I love how my Abba totally tugs at my heart and whacks me across the head to get my attention. I hear ya. I am listen. Now I need to apply it.

Thank you my heavenly father for having conversations the last 2 days. It is what I needed to hear.

Have a great day/night


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