Clipping Coupon

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I never been excited about clipping COUPONS! I have used coupons in the past but most of my shopping was ever so small. Buying for one is an adventure in itself. But this time I looked for the things I needed.

My total before I used coupons was 42 dollars and some odd change. I brought down to 36 dollars and some odd change. That is a saving of 6 bucks.

During the time I was in the store. I had ran into some fun. Obviously these kids know how to have fun, are creative, and adventurous. One of the kids in this family was hiding in the paper towel section. I came up to pick up a roll of paper towel and almost fainted. Smiled and signal the kid to duck again. One girl walked up. I just smiled at her. I acknowledge that I knew that the other girl was there because there was there little sister was looking for the big sister. It was a hoot. The little sister asked why the middle sister was laughing. I piped in and said “Sometimes we just giggle and laugh in life for no reason and it is alright to do so.” I winked at the middle child and left. Turn and said “oh Cub has a bounty coupon. Better check it out”

What a fun night when you get your shopping done in Cub. 🙂 Have a great night!


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