Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect is what I always heard when I was growing up. I would get so upset by playing my clarinet. That I would want to stop. Then I had to stop and listen to those around me saying if you want to become better. Practice.

Did I listen to those wise words. Yes. It was much easier to annoy my family with my squeaks and all the other weird noises from my clarinet. Soon they began to disappear all together.

Another proof in the pudding was my tap dancing. It made noise. Loud metal noise. I love that. I tried and I tried to make it sound beautiful or just more irritating for my brothers to get me. 🙂 But it got me to practice.

Now that I am older and finding other ways to practice my different talents that I have been given. There are three examples I like to point out. One is taking pictures is one of them. I am no means a pro but I am working on getting better. Learning more on the computer side to balance things out and promoting my photos. The second one is communicating better. I want to become a better communicator. Speaking is the biggest thing I ever have to over come. I had speech and language barriers when I was child and into young adult. Not till I went to Toastmaster have I really notice that I have made strides in this area. Just ask my club members. Lastly is my writing. I have never ever been a great writer. Hand in hand does the communicator goes with writing. That is why now I to sit and think about what I want to write on my blog. Write my speeches out for Toastmasters and other stuff. It is because as a communicator I want my ideas to come across effectively. I need to slow down and think at times to tell my story or opinion.

Practice makes perfect and it doesn’t happen over night. People around you may or may not see the improvements. But when you perfected the skill you get the attention it deserves.


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