A little of this, a little of that and what a day.

What a day already! I was up and cleaning by 6am. I know it is early but since I work at 7am it didn’t seem that early to do that. Today post will be all about my morning. This should be fun and interesting read. Since some of the great stuff happens at the beginning of the day and it just gets better after that.

I have been thinking of Psalms 119:105 for the past day or so. Then an acquaintance needed prayer. Knowing that this person is a Christian I had him look it up. Here is the verse “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. Now I find that this verse is encouraging for several reason. 1) His instruction, encouragement, and guidance is where I look for my help. 2) With this I don’t need to plot my way and look at a map. Because He (GOD/Father) is my way. My map for my life. 3) And lastly, It is one of my favorite Amy Grant songs she sings.

Then I headed out the door this morning to hit the grocery store since I forgot to do it the night before. I wish I wasn’t so spacey and actually took the time to do it on the way home. I went in to Cub to pick up bread, meat, gator aide, and cookie dough. Glad the store was pretty empty because I didn’t feel to social this morning. I even used the self check out cause I didn’t want to talk to the cashier. Shocking!!

Once I got over to the little men house and brought everything in. I pour myself a cup of coffee. I could feel going to bed late and waking up early. (I sense a long day. Maybe if I keep busy I wont notice how tired I am.) Unpacked the stuff I purchased earlier and put the stuff that needed refrigerated way. Worked on my crotchet for a bit till the kids woke up.

Now we are having breakfast. Yum yum. I love when we all can sit down to eat together. I think it is magical and actually create a memory of sharing a meal together. We will be making cookies this morning too. I picked up the pre-made kind already. I didn’t want to make a big mess and clean it up. Some day I don’t mind cleaning up the mess. Other days, I like easy in and easy out of the kitchen. Having lunch out in a park and then off to swimming. I love having a day or two where we are really busy.

To top everything off, I am hoping we get in our work books and reading done before we have some fun today. Here is my fingers crossed to the neighborhood kids still sleeping while we get our stuff done. I hope that you are enjoying your day so far!



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