Facing the Challenge

Everyone has different leadership. Some times the change is hard and the support is hard to see.

I have been working on making the silent auction run better, look better, and getting more people involved. But that is only half the picture.

We need new and fresh items to sell at the auction table. But also keep the ones we have used in the past. We need a team of people who are interest in working on this. Then getting the sheets coordinate with the items that were donated. With new and old items people would love to bid on them because they see the value in it. We need enough to have 10 items out per show.

We need volunteers to know what to expect during their time helping up and not call the last minute or at all saying that come. Have a list of people on my roster both as back up and those who are working the nights I need help with. All the volunteers would get the info and then they can make a call to cover the shift.

It is so easy to focus on it and hands on everything. But I am also learning that I can spread it out and have people take responsibility and get things done. So much learning over the last 2 months about this position. I am so thankful that I got this and that it is stretching myself in ways I never could imagine. The task is not done at all but the challenge is accepted.

Have a great day.



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