Caribou Time

I went out late this morning to get some stuff done. I was going to get right back home to get things done at home. I thought hey, I have yet to visit my little coffee shop in a while. I am going to head over there and get something to drink.

All of the sudden something magical happen. This little trip began to be a rewarding one. I notice a lady there with her 3 year old daughter. I connected a bit with the kid. Amazing how I can do that with kids. (I had my coffee in my system, so I was good. 🙂 ) The lady and I started talking. Lone behold I finally moved over to her table and we started chatting.

I first shared about myself and then she shared. My heart broke but then I saw in her eye how strong she was. No longer that I was sad but now I saw something different. Determination and a strong woman. I know that she is going to go places. She tough and is working so quickly to get things done and move from her past into victory. I am very proud of her.

It didn’t hit me till I got into my car what happen. I felt the hand of God was with me. Knowing that I made an impact. Gave her some resources and tools for her to use in the coming days. She is an over comer and with that attitude she will go far.

I pray and hope that you meet people. Encourage them, extend your hand to them, hug them and be open. You never know when you will be the one that is being blessed in the process.

Courtney Elizabeth


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