Positive Train

Positive Train (Day 5)

1. I am happy as a clam with my camera in my hands. Loving taking candid photos and what works with light or positioning. Still learning not to be shy with my camera and just ask for photos with people in it.

2. I absolutely love when I hear the soft rain drops falling down and hitting the window. It’s music to my ears. Just as much as when the angles above are bowling and having a wonderful time.

3. Doing these types of mental work outs during a busy month of work and volunteer has helped keep my focus. Seeing there is a positive out look and knowing this is just a mark in my life that I will be always grateful for.

*This is my last day of the Positive Train that I did on Facebook and carried it over to here. I thought it was a great exercise to do. Looking forward of maybe doing it again once school starts and winter approaching. 😉



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