Food allergies or Intolerance

My discussion on this topic began on Sunday when I was talking to ladies at church. How much I have learned over the years what I can and cannot eat. More importantly how my body react if I choose to partake of some of the yummy, things I crave.

I picked up some special milk for me at the store same day and I dropped it off where I nanny at. I told the parent he could drink my milk but he may not like it. The taste and smell is totally different then the normal milk he drinks because it has that special enzyme in it for me to digest.

After he left his youngest son wanted milk to drink. I told him we had to wait to go to the store and pick up some. He ran to the fridge and said look we have some. I proceed to tell him that is my special milk and that he might not like the smell or the taste. Sure enough, he had to decide for himself to smell it. Loved his reaction to it. 🙂 (Reminds of me when I was younger)

Then, last night I was hanging out with a college friend. We got on the discussion of this again. That is now 3 days in a row talking about food. LOL I am glad that we all chip in the discussion on this.

But I am searching on good foods to make for my handsome young men when they visit me in August. Hopefully we have adventures in eating! (And other adventures too!)

Have a great day.



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