What a AWESOME day!

Oh my gosh what an AWESOME day! I am truly blessed and getting the good side of the fun! 🙂

As some of my readers know that I am part of Toastmasters. Today we had a leadership institute that was held for our district. I got to take some photos of the event today.

Alright, not just some. I think I have over 200 photos that were taken. I am currently uploading the pictures from the event to my computer. (Quite a few minutes later I found out I have 294 photos to upload. I will have long night again to choose. Lucky I have my family to help out on that.) Then onto Flicker account soon. I will let you know when and where they are posted.

I got to meet some cool people and some of the district people. I’m honored to meet on couple of levels. Some people takes a while to know leadership of any organization. Some people jump right in and meeting them. I have been with Toastmasters for 2 years and I am getting to know more of the team. I think I made a little impact.

After Toastmasters, I went to the theater. I am happy to say that I had fun cleaning up and taking the money for the Silent Auction. I went out for a bit with the cast and crew. That was fun.

Then I got home and took a nap. Now I just waiting for photos and do some more work. I should head on out. Catch you all soon.



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