The Morning After!

The morning after and I can’t get the stupid, silly grin off my face. I look around to see if anyone sees me. Nope. That is a relief. But it is still there.

Last night went down as a good night. The people loved the show and I sold a few items. I can’t wait to do again. Oh, wait! I am going to do again. 11 times more! I am going to be a pro.

With all the thought I put into. Organizing everything at least twice. Scared to death in talking. Learning a new skill on the spot. Oh wait, you scared to talk to others? You love to chat up a storm. I do love to talk. When it comes to directing others in actually doing a task and taking a step back in the process and actually communicating what needs to be done. I am not good. Put me in McDonald’s or other fast food joint or other job I previously done. That is something I can do. One of the reason is everyone has been trained to do it. Here, I have people who have never done Silent Auction at all. I barely been doing long myself. This is why I love Toastmasters. It has been helping me on so many things and so many levels.

The morning after, I feel good. I hope that you all are enjoying the great morning.


1 thought on “The Morning After!”

  1. Good for you Corey in conducting a silent auction! I know how hard it is! Congrats at the success and good luck on the future ones. Sounds like you have it all together!

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