Oh the weather outside looks….

Evey time the weather gets dark in the summer I sing the sing the Christmas song “oh the weather outside look frightful..”. But when it comes time to sing it in the right season, I don’t. What is wrong with me? (for those who know me. zip it.)

This morning is no exception. Its grey murky almost black out. A good time to curl up. Read a book kind of morning or good movie. But am I sitting on the computer posting another post here. The boys I am watching seem a little sleepy… so they are cuddling under blankets and chilling with each other. 🙂

Part of me likes the mystery of the weather and what is going to happen. I wonder what the man upstairs has plans today for us? Are the angles and him going bowling? Or they going to play other sports? I don’t know. This kind of morning makes me want to sit and think all morning long.

Have a fun day.

Courtney Elizabeth E. Jahnke


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