Ode to MVCT

Memories being made
on and off the stage
under bright lights we entertain
noises die down
dancers in place
silence is golden. right before the conductor raise the baton

Volunteers help it run the show
i never thought volunteering with this group make me laugh so hard
each year production is different from the last
we serve the north metro

Came and enjoy the show in air condition
on a humid night
musicals! that’s what we do
many people come from all over the cities to see us.
until the last note is played. we take our cue to bow
never thought that I would ever love musicals so much
i love the challenge of finding volunteers
the thought of being with one community theater for so many years. i have developed a sense of humor
yet i know that there is no other people i would love share that memory with.

Thank you 2014 cast, crew, musicians, volunteers, and board for a wonderful production of Cinderella the Enchanted version
hear is to another 31 years of production.
each one of you have impacted me in a positive way
and i will want to do all this again… 2 weeks later
that is because we become like family so fast
enjoy the show
remember to have fun everyone! from the cast, volunteer, board, crew, and to you the audience


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