A whirl wind kind of a day.

Its one of those day where my adventures take me all over the place. The kids I watch did an excellent job at swimming lesson. The oldest has such a tender heart. He gave one bracelet away today to one of his teachers. Then the director asked if he could get one. Of course! He asked what kind he wanted.When we got home he made one for the director and his other teacher. My little buddy moved to a new station.

They played well and we got our homework done. Reading and played a lot. It was raining and the oldest notice the roof guys across the street had no streets. (I notice a sooner than you did buddy.) I went over pretending I didn’t know that. πŸ˜€ Funny men.

Then, off to get dinner and few items before Silent Auction and Sealed bid nights. I realize that I don’t have many nights to put it together and everything else also. I will put tables together on the 9th. I may have my sister in law come and help me. So opening night can be easier on me. Oh boy… I better recruit more people to help out. πŸ™‚

Have a great July evening everyone. I am off to la la land… another long day ahead of me.


Courtney Elizabeth


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