What season is your favorite?

What season is your favorite? And why? I love all season for what they bring. Something new and a chance to say good bye to the other.

This year is no exception to that all. I wish I had taken more winter pictures. Be more adventures and take some really cool pictures. This spring and summer I have really gotten some good ones. And I can’t wait for some more. I am headed to the lake this coming 4th of July. Which happens to be a weekend getaway. Thanks to my sister in law inviting me. Ya hooo!

My favorite two seasons are Summer and fall. So much easier to get out than winter and spring. Less gear to hassle with. Even though I like all season nothing beats getting outdoors when it is 50+ degrees and sunny. Bundling up and trying to walk on ice is an adventure in it self. Anyone around me knows that they can get a good chuckle just watching me do this on a regular basis. 

Smaller towns and seeing different things for the first time will be fun me. I love taking pictures during the summer of smaller towns cause of many reasons, plus I have mention in the previous paragraph why. This will be my second trip out of the Twin Cities this year. I don’t leave the cities much and I am looking forward to bring my bathing suite, camera, and lots of fun.

What I like about stretching out the trips out of town for three reasons. 1) Get to out of “dodge” and look for some fun and time away. As I mention before I don’t get out of the cities because of planning and no one to go with. Usually my married friends are busy with their families. And I don’t have to many single girls to hang out and do this kind of stuff. 2) Much easier at times to pictures when you are out of your element and have fun. Being in town I can always go back and re shoot. Not so much when I am going out of town. Lastly #3 is I get to spend some time with family. I am planning to bring a little gift for  the host family I am staying with.

Check back here often because I will be updating the blog sometime during the weekend and may have some interesting stories that I may just wanna share with all of you. Have a great Tuesday.


Courtney Elizabeth


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