365 days of Gratefulness and this is day 12.

   The last gratefulness post happen back in April. A whole 2 months ago. A lot of things has happen since then that I am grateful for.  I want to take time to recognize of one now.

   Sometimes when we pray for things and plan for them we hold the tiniest hope for not to work in the favor we want. There is an answer we don’t want to hear at all. There is a power in prayer and I want to talk about it now how grateful he answer me.

   I have been praying for a friend and his future significant spouse. I was 1/2 praying that we would be an item. But if it wasn’t me. That someone I knew. He told me on my birthday w/o recognizing me on my special day. 10 days later I realized that the prayer that I was praying for was an answer. How foolish of me! I prayed and I didn’t even pray half the time with the right heart.

    The lessons I learn. To be honest in my intentions. Pray for self in situations like this. Never stop praying for friends. God answer prayers in his time.


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