The Party still goes on!

    I started out my birthday by celebrating at school where I work. My co worker speaks my language. I had kids come and wish me a “Happy Birthday”. My co worker told a few kids that it was my birthday. I loved it. Thanks Michelle. A few of them were pretty cute in how they deliver the message. Then, I head off to my little men house and got a lovely surprise. Next, I head on out to eat by myself. (Nothing new there in that department) Few people asked why didn’t I invite someone. Spur of the moment. And I really didn’t feel like waiting around for them. Probably sounds bad. But I didn’t decide to last minute. (Literally few minutes before turning off the main street and into the parking lot.) Sometimes it is okay to do things alone. I had a blast. Normally I am not so brave and bold. But I told the lady who sat me that it was my birthday. I had a birthday treat on them and they sang to me. I even asked at the beginning if I could take a picture of her and I. I got a few people in the picture. Yahoo.

    You know what I learned. That the only person I can count on is myself in this time of transitions. Also I need to speak up for the things I want to do. If it is a yes or no question….What harm does it do if it is a no or a yes? I got to ask. And don’t get offended if the answer is not what I want. I have to work for it

    Last I learn that I learn is I should know who my friends are. And I should who actually step up when it counts. Sames goes back. I want to be there for a person who I know. She is suffering now. She just lost her father. But because her life has been so hectic the last year. The only way to contact her is via facebook. And we really haven’t been good in connecting in that part. I gotta realize that I need to make things happen if I want to see some results. So, I need to step up and create things and make a movement.

    The party still goes on. Day two and I get to hang out with some awesome people. Bethany and Victor Herron are some good friends. Bethany and Victor just got married 8 months ago. I am getting to know them as a couple and can’t to spend the rest of my adult life getting to know them. 🙂 On Day 3 I get to spend time with Mary Beth and enjoy lunch with her at one of my favorite spots. I gotta bring the birthday hat on both days and capture myself in it.

    I better go finish some stuff up around the house before Bethany and Victor show up. Have a wonderful day….


Courtney Elizabeth


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