Let the Community Theater Go in High Gear

Welcome to my summer. It has finally arrive where I work really in getting volunteers to help out with the show. Promote the show like crazy. I love it. Just wish I had more hands and legs to run every where. But its only till August 1st. Then I rest a bit till the last Bingo event takes  place.

Today I had a conversation with a fellow board member about all the promoting I do on Facebook and with twitter. She asked isn’t that a lot of work? Yes and no. If I keep up on it and be more diligent it half as bad. But that means I just have to be on the computer to certain things for it. Plus some of it is in the same way I say for one thing gets copy to the other. The thing is with promoting it is a constant thing. A year round thing that never stop at all. Last year I went from 60 members to 120 people. This year so far it has only grown by 1o on Facebook. I admit that I haven’t pushed as much.. But I haven’t met the new staff. There has been a couple of new faces this year and I don’t meet most of the them till late June. It only means that I have to meet them earlier than later… 🙂 A good challenge I must say.

Keep your eyes peel for my adventures with the community theater.


Courtney Elizabeth


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