365 days of Gratefulness and this is day 11.

  I am so thankful and grateful for friendship that I have. I know that some of them are miles in between us. The thing that has came up has been the bible verse that came up in January from a friend. It keeps floating in my head to the fore front when I totally didn’t think it would ever come back.

  First one is Psalm 46:10 a “Be still and know that I am God”.  I am thankful that he (meaning God) has brought this to my attention. There is something that I have to focus on. For the better or remind me of what I am going thru. As of late… Like most recent few days, I have been anxious and it has been hard to settle my mind.

  Sometimes it is hard to put into perspective what I am going thru. So many things at once but also not really. Not compared to the things God wants me to. Stop worrying over things. Stop asking all the what if’s, how comes and why. Stop thinking. I so need a mini retreat of silence. I need that everyday. I need to focus on him. Practicing this is not always to get in but I will attempt this in.

  I can’t get worked up and over the situation at work. I need to be still and pray thru them before it becomes problems else where. I need to know that God will be there to take care of things and let go.

  I found these two verses from Proverbs 8: 34-35 Blessed are those who listen to me,watching daily at my doors,waiting at my doorway.For those who find me find lifeand receive favor from theLord.  Sometimes I think that I am waiting and waiting. For I know it is kind of hard at times to do so. I found the next verse interesting. For those who find me find life and receive favor from the Lord.

  If I am being still, I am waiting, watching and listening for what he wants me to doing my life. I have called upon him and now I need to listen for my next steps.


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