My walking partner

I pray that this time around my walking partner does not bite the dust to early. And that I have to replace my walking partner again with a trip to the store. I should just pick up an extra. I feel though on the other hand if I do, it will be a bad omen. I have gone thru 6 pedometers in the last 12 months. I know, I am bit rough with them and I wear it faithfully everyday. I have a goal mind you to out beat the previous day in walking, weekly goals, and monthly goals of walking.

Since today is first day of spring, I decided last week that I would get back on the daily, weekly, and monthly of walking. I love the challenge and I am looking for ways to add steps to my day. This in turns adds cardio to my day and I burn more calories. Mind you it is not as tense as some people would think.But the way I look at it. Come time for the Minnesota State Fair, I can walk for hours on end at a great speed and not realize that I have walked tons of miles.

This time around I hope to start using the stairs more purposefully and parking much further a way from the school job. That way I have to walk even more. I think that with all this activity I can see some results. I know I will have some parades this summer that I want to be able to walk even more in a longer route. Also, I would like to take more walks on the weekends with friends that I don’t get to hang out with much.

Just maybe this will spur me to get in even better shape to travel to visit family outside of Minnesota! Have a great day and grab those walking shoes.

Courtney Elizabeth


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