Momma Bear Came Out Today

Momma bear came out today. And she was not happy either. My momma bear instinct comes out when I get angry. I have to teach something that the kids that were not listening at all. I routinely ask that of the kids. To protect them. To teach them and to love them.

Today was different. I was shocked. Surprized at all? No. Just the instinct that I had to protect my babies. But before I go on. For those of you who do not know what I do. I am a lunch/recess monitor. 3 weeks outside on rotation and one week inside. We are at the smaller play ground do snow not being plowed at the bigger playground and some spots get really slippery. (That is the areas where the kids/adult get hurt the most)

Today incident lead to a lady pulling in the area of the playground. I watched and came closer to the area where she parked. There was a kid coming down. She came with in 4 feet of the child. To close for my comfort. I asked why she was parked there and asked if she knew that she couldn’t park there. She said she was employed by the school. I didn’t see a permit parking in the windshield and no badge was presented. It’s not like you couldn’t tell we were in Recess time with the kids.

After presenting this info I told the other two co workers. Took down the info and went to the office. Explained to the secretary what happen. Right away the security officer came and asset the situation. He gave her a ticket.

Momma bear was happy that she protected the kids. I don’t care if the lady will get mad. The kids safety comes first. This is part of my job.


Courtney Elizabeth


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