Let us Celebrate!

I have been thinking about the kids I get a privilege to hang out with on a daily basis. I can’t believe how much they have growing academically, socially and physically. I really want to celebrate that milestone. Lot of them have moved forward.

Then I begin to think about two cute little kids I know 2 hours ahead of me. I haven’t seen them since November. But I know that they are growing and learning. Those two are my little monkeys and I can’t wait to see them soon.

Then I began to think about the people at my toastmasters. Yes, some even grown in the speaking and duties with in the group. This is really where I am looking to improve on and cheer people on and let them know that they did a great job. An awesome job from time to time and challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Let us celebrate our failures and success in everyday situation.


Have a blessed day.


Courtney Elizabeth


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