Oh my! Oh my! I am nervous…

Oh my! Oh my! I am nervous. But I am channeling the nerves for tonight in being productive. Since I can’t veg out in front of the TV. (which is a good thing because I have tons of things to get done before Toastmasters)

Tonight is Toastmasters. I am so thankful that I got the afternoon off. I have to print off the newsletter. Finish getting my speech ready. Get ready for the speech and run to pick up the newsletter for tonight.

Am I excited for the speech? Yes and no. I feel like I have done a lot to prepare for the speech this time around. Every get up and speak I put more and more effort into it. Don’t get me wrong but I am totally pumped for tonight. I must get off now and finish what I need to do. I have less than an hour to do all of this.


Courtney Elizabeth


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