21 days

You look at 21 days on the calendar. Part of my brain thinks that is a long time. Another part seems not long enough, My church is doing a twenty day fast. I am not fasting from food. I have been doing 3 days each month since April. Then I thought I could do TV.

You know what. It is a challenge. I usually watch it when I wake up and when I go to bed most days. It has force me to be creative in getting my weather more often. I hardly watch any regular shows. During my time on the computer, I turn on the tv for background noise.

Tonight it is the “Big Bang Theory” and “Honey Boo”. Now neither one is a bad show in it self. What is important that it sucks my time away with God and other activities I could be doing. I can turn my stero on. Listen to worship music. Clean my room. Do laundry. Work on Toastmaster. Practice clairnet. And the big thing that I should be doing is my Daily devotions during this time.

I am on day 4 and finally home. And you know what. I am productive already. I have finish one posting. Started my laundry. Who knew that the tv sucks that much out your day.

What are you doing to spend some quality time with the Lord? Is it a challenge?


Have a great day,


Courtney Elizabeth


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