Hard day in the water

I need to rely on the man upstairs for I teach swimming. Today was hard. For me and the students. One student told me he was on station 6. But in reality he is on station 5. 

I pushed him really hard. I am glad it was a lesson that I needed to learn. Been getting out of my comfort zone and teach the higher levels. 

That was this morning. This evening was interesting too. Two seperate lesson both challenging for me. 

First child was giving parent a hard time. Crying and giving parent a fit about taking his shirt off. I walked over. Said leave it on. We are going on in to swim. When we got in. It was another struggle and crying. Told the child I wasn’t going to give into demands. He was going to have to work with me. Once he realize that, I could work better with him. 

Another 4 year old boy was a handful. All serious and not listening. I busted out my silliness and challenge him a bit.

Two extreme kids. One tired 41 year old young chick. Have a great day. 

Tv Series Bing

Love spending time with my boyfriend. We are waiting out the weather to finish our outdoor chores. 

What do we do? Babalon 5 series on DVD. Love watching this with him. I used to hate shows like this. Why? Cause I could never ask people what’s going on if I didn’t understand. 

I love spending time getting to the characters in a show. They always have good plots and turns in this sci fiction type of show. 

What is your favorite tv show? 


Sometimes they come loud, heavy, and sometimes fast. 

They come any time you are not expected them. 

Occasionally you’ll see me jumping in the puddles. 

Rain gear is optional. 

My life adventure contains this. 

Most surprise moment this week was….

It’s only Wednesday here in Minnesota and I had one of those moments already. 

It was our toastmaster night on Monday night. I picked up my boyfriend Ross and best friend Judi. We headed to our club for a good night of laughter and  learning.

Then my friend got up during the business meeting giving her good bye speech area director speech. What I didn’t expect was getting the area toastmaster award. 

I was so sure that others would of gotten before me. Considering the tough field I was in. There was a few good people in our area. 

I’m truly blessed.